It all started when...

It was my senior year in high school when I was asked what I really wanted to do with my life. I remember the moment clearly, sitting at the bar in our kitchen making a huge decision for college - to follow my dreams or go for a more ordinary job that I won't really love that much. To tell you the truth, I only had one passion that I REALLY wanted to do and that was photography. That's when it all started. At that point I had no experience. I had only shot images of my friends and I was horrible, like really, really, really terrible. I thought I was great though. Yikes! 

Two years later I had graduated from college, I was newly married to my high school sweetheart, and was ready to take a leap of my own business! It was going to be perfect! It didn't work so great though... I knew that making and growing a business would take time but I am not a very patient person. I was working another editing job and doing my work on the side to make ends meet. It was great but my dreams didn't stop there. I really loved what I was doing at that point but I knew God had more for my future - I had just lost sight of what that was for a bit. 

Making and growing a business hasn't been easy. It's had its ups and downs. I've had to develop, change, grow, and let go of myself and let God do his thing. How come its so hard sometimes to really let go of our own emotions and just let God do his thing? Anyway, I had come to a point in my business that I thought I had failed. I literally sat in my car one night and cried because I thought I had done all that I could do and that God was calling me to shut the doors (or put down my camera) only to find out what he really had planned, he was just calling me to let go of myself and trust in him, with it all. I had to give my desires completely to him to flourish in his will. His plans for me are bigger than my dreams and that's amazing! 

Fast forward to today - I am not going to lie, its been a tough year in my personal life and business. It's been a time to grow and change in my business and personal life. After having my precious daughter, Raelynn, so much has changed. She became a huge piece of my world (rightfully so) and I had to make some changes. I needed to be with her more and I still had these huge dreams. It was time to move forward. It was time to let God really lead my life in all aspects. Why would he give me these dreams if he didn't have a plan for them? I've learned new things in my business and it has been so refreshing by just trusting in God. I've pursued my dreams and God has come through in every aspect. Through the tough times of my business and personal things, God was working, He was making a way and it was just all on His timing. Four years ago I would have never thought this day would come that I could say my dreams are coming true (only better) and new dreams are developing. Good things are on the horizon. But only by Gods grace am I here and only by Gods grace will I continue to be here. 

My favorite bible verse and the verse that my business is run off of is Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart" 


XOXO - Alex